Referee Guide

If you have not yet registered as a referee, please go to Click on the "Become a member" section, fill in the requested information and click on the "Save" button.

After your membership is approved by the editor, click on "Login" at By typing your e-mail and password, click on the "login as a reviewer" option from the section above the login tab. Thus, you will be included in your own system within the journal.

After entering the system, click on “Go to Referee Home Page” from the menus on the left. When you click on "Assigned Articles" from the page that opens, you will reach the list of articles assigned to you for reviewing. Click the "Detail" section to the far right of the article title and download the blue icon word document added by the author, to your computer. If you agree to evaluate the article, click on “Accept Refereeing” if you do not agree click on “Reject” from the bottom of the page. If you have correction suggestions on the text, add the file containing your suggestions for correction from the “Click to browse” section in the “Upload file” window. Make your final decision from the last "Result" section. According to your opinion, if you deem it appropriate for the related article to be published in this state, select “Publishable” option, if you want it to be corrected and see the correction select “I Want to See the Article After It Has Been Edited” option. If you want it to be corrected but you don’t want to see the correction again, please select the "I Don't Want to See the Article After Editing" option. If you do not find it suitable to be published, select the "Unpublishable" option, click "Submit" and finalize your report.